Samuel Oak Tippett is a life-long craftsman, self-taught artist, and grower of squash and beans. His collection is an eclectic and wide range of figurative imagery from nature and rural culture. Currently painting in acrylic on board and maps, he has dabbled in inks, oils, metals and other media. Finding inspiration in the oddest of places and sounds, he is influenced by the beauty in mundane details. He was born in Croton, NJ, a slice of misplaced Appalachia, where he grew up with his artistic family of outsiders. Ingenuity was a way of life and eccentricity pervaded every space. His work is both surreal and uncanny but honest, and unpretentious, conveying a generosity of spirit. His reticence belies a gift for raw humor and openness that surfaces in his work. Sam loves long-haired kitties and lives with his family in Frenchtown, NJ.